My Movement Concept 

The body we move (or don't move) around in as we go about our everyday life is the body we bring to
any movement practice in which we participate.
For most of us, that body is too tight is some spots, too weak in some spots, too dominant in other places and (even if you're still a teenager) the victim of years of poor movement habits, compensation patterns and bad posture.

For example, you injured yourself in some way in the past.
Maybe you fell down stairs, off a bike or out of a tree.
One knee or elbow or ankle or hip was compromised in some way.
As it healed, you laid off of it and leaned harder into the other knee, elbow, ankle or hip.
And from then on, even after you healed, you continued to put more of a load on that uninjured side and back off the injured one.
The result is a habituated compensation pattern that ripples through the entire scaffolding of your body and
can affect your gait, your head and neck position (which affects your spine),
how you get into an out of a chair, even how you merely stand.

Then we bring all these imbalances, habits and compensations to our exercise -- whether it's weight lifting, spinning, aerobics classes, tennis, golf, yoga, swimming, running, pilates or any number of other things. 
So we end up anchoring in and reinforcing during exercise all the movement patterns in our body
that got us into trouble in the first place.

My approach is altogether different.

I introduce each person who takes class with me to these concepts of bringing the scaffolding back into line. 
A whole new awareness of how you move will be revealed to you in a captivating way.
We'll look at things like foot position, knee alignment, inner thigh strength to outer thigh strength,
forward head position, text neck, loss of lumbar curve and iPosture among other things.

By mixing good biomechanics, strength, and mindful movement sequences with influences from dance, martial arts, primitive movement and early childhood development movement, my Mechanics of Moving classes allow each student to rediscover and experience the balanced movement variety their bodies are capable of but may have forgotten due to habitual patterns
common to our sitting, computering, and movement-starved culture.

Mechanics of Moving is off the beaten path of 'cirque du soleil' 'fast and furious' yoga classes, static stretching regimens or
heavy impact aerobics classes -- all of which can leave injuries in their wake
due to poor form at a rapid pace, all pushing and no pulling,
too much passive stretching, failing to address the FULL body, and an absence of sound biomechanics.

Rather, Mechanics of Moving is an exploration and revelation.
It is stretching our limbs and then strengthening them from that stretched position. It is active. Not passive.
It combines left-and-right-side-of-body movement to support the vestibular brain. It incorporates the idea of fluidity and liquidity, and it employs engagement of muscles to actively lengthen back out what has become short and excessively tight.


And, perhaps most importantly, this balanced, full-body program is simultaneously
challenging for those who consider themselves fit
achievable for the excessively tight, muscle bound population
and seniors with limited range of motion and chronic pain.


My movement sequences are a smart blend of various disciplines and human movement principles.
The continuing education I've sought out and the studies I've applied myself to make me a different breed of teacher
with a well-rounded and integrated understanding of functional movement that helps the body unwind its bad habits.
And I really care. I love helping and inspiring people. It drives me.

My classes are a fresh alternative for people with a desire to simply move.
Move mindfully. Move intelligently. Move completely. In a fluid way. In a spiraling way.
And it works.
The proof is in the difference people feel in their bodies. Sometimes after just one class.

So take the step.
Reach out to me and let me know when you'd like to try a session.
Either just for yourself or coordinate with a few of your friends and make a fun friend date of it!
Find a time that works for you, and I will come to you.
It's as simple and profound as that.
I can't wait to meet you!

~Colette Haboush Obeck





"I have to tell you, Colette Haboush Obeck, that you've changed my life. Before I started taking your classes, I couldn't get up from a seat or anywhere without moaning and groaning and saying 'ow, ow'. I didn't even want to go anywhere or go out to dinner. It wasn't until my daughter mentioned to me that on this trip home she hadn't heard me say 'ow' once that I noticed I'd stopped saying that. My youngest daughter agreed with her observations, and it made me so happy.

You're a great teacher.
I'm sure it's not just my life you've changed, but the whole class, all your classes. It's all the love and care you teach with that makes the difference. You're the best.

My life has improved so much, but it wasn't only about not being able to move without the moaning and groaning. I was slowly becoming a prisoner in my own house. When my grandchildren came to visit from NY, I wouldn't go play with them or go to the pool and would want to stay home when everyone else went out to eat. I lived in pain. Big, big difference this trip. I was outdoors with my grandchildren, swung my granddaughter around, I was present and accounted for. 

Colette, you know how you always say that you love what you do? Well, it shows. If you didn't love what you do, you wouldn't be hearing people telling you all the wonderful things their bodies are telling them. Before you, I dreaded what I envisioned myself to be like as I got older. Now I envision how much better I can be by taking your classes. I can move again. 

The love and the care and the attention you give us are key to the awesome results.”                
~Margie Medina Scheiner

“Colette, your classes really made our trip to Ft. Lauderdale such a meaningful experience of peace and centering. We wish that we could take your classes regularly. You are the best at what you do. Thank you again for a very meaningful, mindful practice. You've certainly changed the way we view exercise classes and the classes that we will attend in the future. If we lived in FL, we would definitely make classes with you a regular practice. The two days we spent with you were uplifting and calming, and we felt a mind-body relief that we haven't felt since my dad died a year and a half ago. We've taken hundreds of fitness classes (combined) in different places, and you are by far the best instructor we have ever worked with. Your knowledge and research really resonates with us, and we appreciate your kindness and sincere interest in each of us and our story.”
~Nicole Sieben


“From the first class I attended, I felt an immediate connection. I’ve taken different exercise classes for many years with what I thought were wonderful instructors... until I came to your class. My connection was instant. Your style, your warmth... Your knowledge of the body and mind is second to none. I leave your class feeling physically and mentally cleansed and full of inspiration. Your words are always so inspiring... like you are in tune to everyone in the class on some level. Thanks for all you do.” 
~Carol Schroeder